Frequently asked questions

Our Telemarketing, Lead generation & appointment setting services are charge on a daily rate, other than optional data for a campaign, there are no additional costs, you simply pay for days. 

Genreally we start with a consultation call to better understand your needs, then if more information is needed we may send you a briefing document (a list of questions that helps to gather more info) with this we will write a sales script (if you don’t wish to supply one). Once with had the script and the data and are prepared to call we commence the campaign sending you daily written report with stats and an overview of the days results.

While we recommend 1-2 weeks (5 to 10 days) as a good minimum campaign length, our minimum campaign is 3 days, in certain circumstances however we can do 1-2 days if this is needed.

We work on a booking basis meaning campaign are scheduled in upon the payment of the booking invoice, this guarantees our time and the availability for your campaign. 

Once your campaign is scheduled with our Business development manager and set up you will then be introduced to your Telemarketing agent, they will report to you direct via e-mail each day with a daily report showing you the results / progress. 

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